More about the pest control treatments we use:

At Pest Busters WP, we only make use of pest control treatments and methods that are not harmful to the environment or humans working or living in the property. Clients can rest assured that our services are effective, yet safe and truly professional.

Products we use for the treatment of insects include chemical insect spray, aerosols for flushing, residual crack and crevice treatments, dusts, baits (gel), granules, sticky traps, insect growth regulators, pheromones, flying insect killers, aerosol gas, tablets for gassing stored products and hot or cold fogging products.

For rodents we use poisons like single feed granules, pellets, wax blocks, liquid concentrates and glue traps.

We make use of pyrethroids:


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The insecticides we use are usually plant-based chemicals of the pyrethroid group which are odourless, colourless, do not stain, and are completely harmless to humans. They can safely be used near pets as well and are ideal for use in food-handling premises. This chemical is however toxic to fish and birds.


The LD50 value of pyrethroid ranges between 3 500 – 5 000 mg/kg, which makes it a very "safe" poison to use. The need for protective equipment and strict supervision becomes less important when making use of pyrethroids, as there is virtually no risk that employees or other persons present could be affected by the intake of poison.

Treatments we specialise in:

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CELL: 073 900 0050

FAX: 086 512 8977