We use pest control spray to eradicate insects

Pest control spray is a fine spray, mist or aerosol. The insecticide forms droplets which become evenly distributed throughout the enclosed space and are dispersed by air movement to make contact with insects. The drops contain lethal amounts of insecticide aimed at killing its target. Space spray is especially effective for the treatment of flying pests, like flies, mosquitoes, and some cockroach species.

This method of fumigation is mostly used when large properties are contaminated, since you can reach a wide area at once. To ensure that these sprays reach the entire area that is infected, aerosol generators or fogging machines are used. Due to the nature of this treatment, a property needs to be completely evacuated before the spraying can commence.

For space spraying to work effectively, the size of the droplets needs to be a precise size, so that they do not fall to the ground immediately. The idea behind this method is that the targeted pests fly into a cloud of insecticide, which will then kill them.

We at Pest Busters WP make use of only the best and recommended space sprays on the market, thereby ensuring that we get offer effective pest control services. Besides wanting to ensure the effectiveness of our services, we also want to be sure that our clients will be safe. Therefore, we make use of products that are harmless to humans and non-targeted animals who either live or work in the properties that we treat.


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PHONE: 021 981 7957

CELL: 073 900 0050

FAX: 086 512 8977

EMAIL: talk@pestbusterswp.co.za