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Termites are some of the most devastating pests that can infest a property since they can cause enormous structural damage. In South Africa, there are several termite species but only two species are known for causing damage to property, these are the Coptotermes and Cryptotermes species. We at Pest Busters WP are experienced in termite control and can assess the infestation and offer our services accordingly.

Termites feed on wood, which is why it is vital to exterminate them as soon as possible. There are several reasons why your property may be attracting termites, some common hazards that can lead to a termite infestation include:


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Signs of a termite infestation:

If you have seen any of the above at your property, it is advisable to call termite control specialists sooner than later for a proper assessment. We at Pest Busters WP have years of experience in pinpointing a termite infestation and will be able to assist you with the relevant termite control treatment to treat it.

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PHONE: 021 981 7957

CELL: 073 900 0050

FAX: 086 512 8977

EMAIL: talk@pestbusterswp.co.za