Gel bait pest control works to get rid of pests like cockroaches

Baits are most often used for the eradication of cockroaches, but it can also be used for other crawling pests. Popular baits are available in the form of gel or fixed stations and have become a regular strategy in most cockroach control programs. Cockroach bait has provided pest control professionals with an effective means of controlling infestations, and best of all, this method causes the minimum amount of disruption to clients. It is also ideal to use in sensitive areas such as scales, cash registers, computers, printers, etc.

Gel bait pest control products are most effective when placed in cracks and crevices close to infested harbourages. Bait is effectively applied in small portions with a special applicator gun or with syringes. It is then eaten by both adult and nymph cockroaches, and death follows within minutes.

If you suspect that your property may be infested with cockroaches, why not reach out to the team at Pest Busters WP? We are trained in the application fixed and gel bait pest control methods and will ensure that cockroaches in your home or office are correctly exterminated.


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FAX: 086 512 8977