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Insects are not always as "clean" as some may believe. Activities of insects and other pests may cause medical problems for humans. For example, houseflies and cockroaches may carry harmful bacteria on their bodies and deposit them on foods that we consume. We at Pest Busters WP make use of registered pesticides to eliminate a wide variety of pests known to plague humans.


The emphasis with the use of pesticides in modern society falls on personal and environmental safety. For this reason, we endeavour to apply chemicals which are relatively "safe" to use by the pest control operators. Some pesticides are also safe to use on food premises. It is our goal to eliminate pests by applying chemicals which are most effective, while still ensuring that our products are environmentally safe and will affect only the targeted pests.

It is interesting to know that insecticides act on their target in several ways. The four modes of action are:


  • Stomach Poisons - must be swallowed by insects to cause death.
  • Contact Poisons - penetrate through insects' outer body covering.
  • Fumigants - gasses or vapours enter through breathing pores.
  • Desiccants - these are dusts which remove the insects' protective coating, causing it to dry out and die.


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The pest control pesticides used by our team are formulated into various mediums which we use to eliminate pests for our clients. Formulas include: wettable powders, solutions, suspension concentrates, capsulated suspensions, dusts, emulsifiable concentrates, baits, granules, fumigants and aerosols.

Treatments we specialise in:

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PHONE: 021 981 7957

CELL: 073 900 0050

FAX: 086 512 8977

EMAIL: talk@pestbusterswp.co.za