Environmentally friendly industrial pest control services

Unfortunately, industrial properties such as warehouses, manufacturing plants or storage facilities are vulnerable to the infestation of a wide variety of common pests. When it comes to protecting your business and acquiring industrial pest control services a zero-tolerance approach is necessary, and this is exactly what we at Pest Busters WP offer.

What makes industrial properties prone to pest infestations is the fact that there are multiple entry points, even some that you may be unaware of. Some of these entry points include: open doors, open windows, air vents, plumbing, cracks or holes in your property’s walls or floors, or even from supplies delivered to your business.

When plagued by pests, you may be facing health and safety risks. To avoid the issue from worsening, it is advisable to call on professional help as soon as an infestation is suspected.


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Why us?

At Pest Busters WP, we understand the urgency for industrial pest control. To prevent an infestation from destroying your business or brand, we offer professional, tailored solutions to eliminate any kind of pest found in your facilities.

We will come to your premises to assess the infestation and the damage that has already been done, and we will also determine the type of pests in your building in order to provide a suitable fumigation service. For each client, we set time aside to go through and discuss all available options to return your property to normal in the minimum amount of time.

To accommodate our clients, we try to work around your schedule to cause the least amount of inconvenience and disruption. For reliable services that will help you to manage and get rid of any pest infestation, contact us to arrange an assessment, today.

PHONE: 021 981 7957  |  CELL: 073 900 0050  |  EMAIL: talk@pestbusterswp.co.za  |  FAX: 086 512 8977



PHONE: 021 981 7957

CELL: 073 900 0050

FAX: 086 512 8977

EMAIL: talk@pestbusterswp.co.za