Rodent bait stations are ideal to treat rodent infestations

Rodents survive in areas where there is both a source of food and protective shelter. Therefore, an infestation will evidently be in an area where there is an abundance of abundance of food and places to hide. There are several ways to get rid of a rodent infestation. Products such as rodent bait stations allow you to trap the mice or rats, so that they might be let free elsewhere, whereas rodenticides are aimed at getting rid of them once and for all.

Three commonly encountered rodents in private and commercial premises in South Africa, are the house mouse, Norway rat and Roof rat. Rats can bite at a rate of 6 times per second, exerting a force of 5 200 lbs per square inch. Rodents are responsible for significant economic losses each year due to the contamination of food and damages caused to equipment and facilities. They are also responsible for transmitting a variety of diseases to humans. As such, they pose both financial and health risks.

Female mice produce 4-7 young per litter and have 8 litters per year. Rats can produce 6-12 young per litter, 4-7 times per year. This means that a rodent infestation can become an epidemic in only a few weeks, if not treated. Products, like rodent bait stations, used to eliminate rodents are extremely effective - a single dose is enough to kill the average rodent. Rodenticides are presented in a variety of products such as pellets, wax blocks, granules and liquid. Products are discretely and safely placed in special containers made of either cardboard or plastic.

We at Pest Busters WP know how to safely employ rodenticides or rodent bait stations in your home or office without causing harm to any humans, or non-targeted animals.


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