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What makes bed bugs especially difficult to manage or treat is the fact that they spread fast and easily. If not treated correctly, a bed bug infestation can quickly become an epidemic. If you are looking for bed bug treatment specialists in an area near you, you can have complete confidence in the team at Pest Busters WP. As experts, we can detect an infestation and provide bed bug control swiftly!

If you are waking up with inexplicable bite marks on your body, your home may be infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs feed on human blood. They visit their hosts in the early hours of the morning and their bites cause red, itchy bumps on the skin. Bites are usually visible on body parts where blood vessels are close to the skin’s surface, such as one’s neck, hands, arms, and legs. Some people may react badly to these bites and even develop a rash.

How do I know if it’s bed bugs?


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If you suspect that you have a bed bug problem, you may require expert help to remove them once and for all. For superior bed bug treatment and surety that you will be free from the infestation, why not contact our team to come and assess your property? We will make sure to provide the correct method to properly treat your residential or commercial property.

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PHONE: 021 981 7957

CELL: 073 900 0050

FAX: 086 512 8977